Jumat, 10 Oktober 2008

Gps Tracking By Landairsea System

Tracking any person and vehicle is now easy using various tracking devices of from LandAirSea GPS Tracking Systems. It uses the GPS (Global Positioning System) to determine the location of certain things and record its position in regular period. Usually GPS Tracking is used on vehicle tracking, fleet tracking, asset tracking, teen tracking, and mapping tracks.


The GPS tools from LandAirSea are compatible with Google Earth. LandAirSea has been leading on the GPS Tracking technology since 1994 and is used by thousands of people including government and law agencies. One f the tools used in the GPS Tracking Systems is GPS Tracking Key. It is a small device that receives signal from satellites that are orbiting on the earth. It will send the data about route traveled, velocity, direction, orientation, and duration of device being stationary.

It is an affordable GPS Tracking tool which can be used for vehicle traveling. In LandAirSea.com you will get the information about the other GPS Tracking Systems, about the dealer, military sales, law enforcement sales, news, product warranty, downloads, GPS Tracking Systems requirement, how those devices work, GPS Tracking placement, testimonials from clients who already have experience in using the product, and term of sale. You can buy the products online.

GoLive2 Stix - Clone of Wiimote

GoLive2, independent division games Playhut, a clone of Wiimote and called Stix. It is a number of wireless, Motion-Sensing, Touch-Screen-controller for PC games and the Internet, with the player to interact with online games and a regular PC games with games for Windows badge.


Stix 200 and 400 controllers at the entrance August. According to Brian Zheng, president, Playhut, Stix will completely change, as human beings experience online and PC games. In the case of purchase, Stix be compatible with thousands of free online games and retailing, and we relied on that list each day.

Endless fun with Stix, and the wide range of free, supported Reading makes the product ideal for each family member. Stix 200 offers room for casual players, with the support online games and 2D and Stix 400 allows players who are ignored the mouse and keyboard for PC games.

Nokia 5000 Ordinary Phone

Shortly surprising that the Nokia 5000 is a very good listener. This is actually a coup phone aimed at emerging markets, and as a consequence of 5000 is very cheap - for only € 90 (£ 65 / $ 130).


With a Bluetooth compatible mobile phone 2 inch display with 240×320 pixel screen. It is an FM radio, a web browser and e-mail client, as well as a range of PIM functions, all on the operating system S40.

Another area in which Nokia remember is the fact that this is a dual-band GSM-only device (900 / 1800 / 850 / 1900 MHz). These two factors make the Nokia 5000 are a sort of oddity.

On the back is a 1.3 megapixels, the camera. Surprisingly, it is that Nokia 5000 is a multimedia player can play MP3 files, but with only 12MB of internal memory, location, and no card, it can of limited value.

Even better, it is the whole package weighs only 74 grams duration of the conversation up to 4 hours 45 minutes with a maximum of 14 days in standby. To say that the Nokia 5000 is scheduled for the 2nd Quarter 2008, available in a variety of color combinations.

Elegant Look Nokia 7500 Prism

t first glance Nokia 7500 Prism as a fashion phone which is the same as Nokia 7900. The unusual angle design repeated tirangular pattern accross Nokia 7500 but certainly highly distinctive handset and it’s pretty decently specified too.


If we take closer look, unlike the other Nokia fashion phone, 7500 Prism has 240×320pixel display with 16 million colors, 2 megapixel camera with flash, microSD card can expanded up to 2 GB with 512 supply standard, bluetooth, stereo wired headphones and interchangeable accent colors (just a set plastic inserts).

It come with multimedia player, web browser, email client and several software on the bundle. Lightweight phone Nokia 7500 come with 83 grams. Talktime only 2.8 hours rather short than Nokia 7900 Prism, with 10 days standby time. Tri band GSM 900/1800/1900 also feature with GPRS and EDGE data. The measurement of 7900 is 109×44x14 millimeter.

With the price around €210 before tax & subsidy, Nokia 7500 Prism is an attractive prepay handset and will be available in Asia-Pacific Countries.

MSI PR200 YA Fashion Color Notebook Edition

MSI as a company which is famous produce motherboard computer now unveiled the new notebook fashion colors called MSI PR200 YA Edition. The PR200 YA Edition will provide an invigorating and fresh new way to compute.

MSI PR200 YA-pink

Coming in a number of lively and vivid colors (Denim Blue, Coral Pink, and WASABI Green); users will stand out from the crowd and express their own individual flair. Measuring in at 30 cm in length and 23cm in width, along with a weight of 1.8 kg (including battery), PR200 YA Edition is very portable.

Creative Zen X-Fi Digital Media Player

Creative announced its digital media player for music, videos and photos ZEN X-Fi wireless LAN, featuring award-winning Xtreme Fidelity Creative X-Fi audio technology.


The ZEN X-Fi wireless LAN provide a breakthrough in sound quality MP3, WMA and unprotected iTunes music. They have X-Fi Crystalizer, the owner audio technology developed by Creative Advanced Technology Center, which restores during the reading of ups and downs that are lost when music is ripped to MP3, WMA or AAC formats.

The ZEN X-Fi wireless LAN can access music on a PC and play through the built-in speaker, a speaker system of origin, or option ZEN X-Fi docking speaker system . Users can also stream or download pictures and video files in formats supported directly on the reader.

Cowon S9 MP3 Player and O2 Compact PMP

Cowon unveils new MP3 player ‘S9′ and compact PMP ‘O2′ next IFA 2008, held in Berlin, Germany.


Operating on 500 MHz Dual-Core CPU, the MP3P “S9″ has a 3.3-inch color AMOLED-16000000 screen. Designed with streamlined body, it supports the user interface touch screen, sensor gravity and zoom in / out menu flash.